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nonlinearone's Journal

5 November
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Right, so I joined LJ for the Chenzelly goodness...and discovered that I'm liking it better than Xanga, which is where I do my journaling (and it will probably stay there, as most of the friends use it too...but hopefully there will be new friends here and some journaling will commence here as well) so I'm actually putting things here. Just because I can. Umm...let's see...I work for Starbucks...no, my name is not Taylor (though I would more than gladly be Cheno's female equivalent :P), but on one or two occasions I may have been guilty of forgetting to charge someone I liked...in my defense, I was blinded by beauty! Too bad said girl was unaware of the significance of such an act :( Oh well. Yeah, other than that, my life is sadly boring. I work. A lot. Stupid managerial duties... And what spare time I do have is eaten by school (I've been told spare time is yummy, so I guess I can't really blame it...). This leaves me hanging out with friends at all sorts of odd hours and getting way too little sleep, but it's totally worth it. The end for now.